Benefits and Savings from Booking in Advance

I've always been more of book-last-minute kind of traveler, but recently I'm discovering the real benefits and savings that can come from booking further in advance.   I think my reluctance to book more than a few months in advance stems from a few things: I have a strong tendency to procrastinateI am trying to be… Continue reading Benefits and Savings from Booking in Advance


Book Review: The Runner’s Brain

I'm still pretty new to blogging, but I've read several times that it's important to focus on a main topic or two.  In my case, I've picked my three favourite things: skiing, travelling and running, and how they interact with each other.  (I suppose that is three or four things, but they do overlap quite… Continue reading Book Review: The Runner’s Brain

Running, a love story

On my About Me page I mention that I love running but was originally reluctant.  The truth is, I hated running. I ran to play tag and Soccer as a kid - but that had a purpose.  Running to run was just silly, and boring. We had to run in gym class a few times… Continue reading Running, a love story

Sydney: A Quick Trip and Jog

Flying into Sydney for a one-night work trip is a bit strange. You get to fly in to a world-renowned city and see very little of it; you spend all day in the office and are so tired at the end that you just want to crawl into your bed.  Generally, I am on the… Continue reading Sydney: A Quick Trip and Jog

My First parkrun

I decided to finally check out the running craze that is parkrun and I was pleasantly surprised! I first became aware of parkrun about 3 or 4 years ago.  Several people from our running club were starting to talk about their parkruns on Saturdays and posting their runs on Strava.  At the time, I wasn't… Continue reading My First parkrun